UThingo: our outlook on health

What a journey it has been to get here! I have, more than once, watched myself mentally sign a waiver at the thought of the weight of what I want to do with this place. And yet... I’m still here! What a journey! And it is ongoing. Everything always is. So.  WELCOME.  A philosophy is always difficult to summarize but I will try. I have always practised medicine from two main standpoints.  Health isn’t about the absence of sickness. And Give people what they need in order to heal themselves.  Both of these ideals go against my training, to some degree. One thing that is true of doctors, however, is that we never stop or tire of learning. And so I have taken a personal interest in social science and built a philosophy that I hope will address more than just sickness but actually focus on producing and sustaining health and well-being.  Health isn’t about the absence of sickness Health is a complicated network of experiences. I’m not even going to go into the world health organization defi